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How many Jedi?

(There’s no technical content in this post… but you may get a bit of a giggle from it. When I get the second edition web site notes together I’ll include this as well… but I thought it was fun…

Policing ActionResults

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Die actionFilters zijn best krachtig zo te zien.

In the previous post we looked at using unit tests and reflection to ensure every controller derived from a specific base class…

WhiteyBoard: An instant whiteboard for your instant office

While I’m not sure what I think about the name, I do like WhiteyBoard’s game. WhiteyBoard is an instant whiteboard made of plastic …

Am I the Only One Who Uses a Text Editor to Edit Files? | Free PeepCode Blog

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Het oranje is nogal glaring, maar verder erg mooie opmaak voor een blog-post
A rant about the way text editors work with files

02/07/2010 |

Oh wait - my knight had a cloak of poison protection!

Web Hooks / FrontPage

The concept of a WebHook is simple. A WebHook is an HTTP callback: an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens; a simple event-notification via HTTP POST.

A web application implementing…

View-Source Follow-Up | Infrequently Noted

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This place is javascript zoals de closure compiler of GWT het genereert.
I argued in the panel and in the comments of my last post on the topic that when we get to this place…